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About Voter’s Revenge (Short Version)

An Opinionated Web Tool for Developing Populist Political Power

The United States has already devolved into a plutocracy

This brief (6 minute long) video, Corruption is Legal in America, by way of, explains things, simply.

As bad as things have gotten, the situation will get much, much worse if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passes

The TPP will rob the United States of much of it's sovereignty, and you and your family of much of your remaining democratic rights, and possibilities for prosperity.

In a nutshell (via If passed, the TPP would:

Additionally, TPP will lead to massive INSourcing, essentially due to the EU-style "free flow of labor" provisions, including from such low wage, TPP signatory countries as Vietnam and Malaysia. Now that the TPP text has been released, it's been revealed that companies bringing in (completely legally) workers from the other TPP countries, will be allowed to pay them wages prevailing in their home countries. In Vietnam, the average wage is around $150 per month.

Congress isn't scared of the public. How can it be? In the 2014 US Election Cycle, almost 96% of incumbents were re-elected to Congress.

Re-elction of incumbents is normally over 85%

Reference (Politifact): Congress has 11% approval ratings but 96% incumbent reelection rate, meme says.

Voter's Revenge is designed to change this huge mismatch between Congressional, democratic malfeasance, and Congress' bizarrely high re-election rate

Furthermore, it's designed to do so, starting with killing the TPP

Voter's Revenge "posses" are punitive. They are designed to

  1. Prevent bad Congress critters from winning re-election
  2. Facilitate large-scale education on both critical issues, as well as on "bad" Congress critters performace with respect to those same issues, in a way that bypasses mainstream media filters.
  3. Prevent non-incumbent candidates running for Congress from getting into office, to begin with.