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Why is "Today" Set to May 6, 2016?

Voter's Revenge wasn't fully developed when it was put on a shelf, in the summer of 2016

The optimal time for using Voter's Revenge is during (and just before) the primary part of the election cycle. When this project was set aside, almost all the Congressional primaries for that election cycle had concluded. At that time, Voter's Revenge had not attracted a user base, no coder volunteers, and relatively minor (though appreciated) help acquiring election data. Beside not having current officeholder data in the system, the code base had not been developed to handle seamless rolling into the next campaign phase. Both of those are critical for moving forward. (Furthermore, since President Trump has withdrawn support from TPP, the only redline issue that had a data presence in the system on Day 1, an obvious feature enhancement of handling additional redline issue then became critical.) Finally, my plans to have pledge verification documentation abilities for posse members is comnpletely un-implemented.

The plan NOW is to develop this further only if buy-in occurs from, well, somewhere

I will create a patreon crowd-funding page in the near future. Also, I am currently open to open-sourcing Voter's Revenge, but only if firm commitments from qualified programers appear. Regardless of the fate of this particular implementation of my vision of a punitive vote bloc technology, the general strategy inherent is fundamentally sound.

I can say that with increased confidence (not that I've ever had any doubts), after hearing Benjamin Yee present at the Progressive Coder's Network Hacknight in NYC on April 25, 2016. Yee is an "insider/outsider" - an active member of the Democratic Party, but also an activist who wants to reform it, and works towards not just open government, but open politics. One of Yee's key points during his condensed presentation was that while some actions (like petitions) are generally useless, others (such as primary challengers) are generally very effective at influencing officeholders. You can view a similar presentation that Yee posted on his Facebook page.

See Organizing 101 in Virginia. (Note: this facebook link won't work when logged in as a test Facebook user) Notice

Furthermore, in a Yee graphic entitled "Civics in Minutes", one of the bullet points is "Primaries are the real election". (Note: this facebook link won't work when logged in as a test Facebook user)

The fake date of May 6, 2016 was chosen to give a better picture of how this application works

On the real May 6, 2016:

If you want to log in as a Facebook user, you need to use the following test Facebook accounts tailor made for the current Demo version of Voter's Revenge

Login Name (email address) Password Name @Password1 Ringo Starr @Password1 John Lennon @Password1 George Harrison @Password1 Paul McCartney @Password1 Michael Jordan @Password1 Karl Malone @Password1 LeBron James @Password1 Stephen Curry @Password1 Lucille Ball @Password1 Desi Arnaz